You Are Still In Kansas

Executive Board

President: "Snakeyes" · Secretary: "Woody" · Tresurer: "Butter" · Commander: "Cutlass · Lt. @ Arms: Buddha · Major: "Duke"


Road Captain: "Poppycop" · Sgt. @ Arms: "Guns" · Road Guard: "Bootlegger"

Contact: "SnakeEyes" (President)


Mission Statement


The Oz Chapter of the Defenders MC is a fraternal Motorcycle Club for active and retired Law Enforcement Officer’s, Emergency Services personnel, Military personnel and Public Safety Professionals.

The Oz Chapter of the Defenders MC is a civilian organization with no affiliation with any Law Enforcement, Military or Emergency Service Agency. We are made up of members from various federal, state, county and local departments throughout the area.

Our Goal is to promote solidarity through the sport of motorcycling and brotherhood.

Our commitments are to each other, our families and our communities.