My name is Michael “Panda” Kovac. I am 44 years old and live in Greenbrier, Tennessee. I am a life member of the Defenders LEMC and currently holding the vice president position for the Florida Keys chapter. I started with the Defenders LEMC when I was a charter member for the Defenders Mason Dixon chapter.

In 1995 I enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard Army, where I completed an eight-year enlistment.   I began my Law Enforcement career in 1999 after attending college at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in accounting and criminology. During that time, I also attended two police academies, Indiana University police academy and Western Maryland police academy.  Shortly after graduating, I began my law enforcement career in Pennsylvania, where I later transferred and worked as a police officer and detective for the Hagerstown Police Department in Maryland.  While I was a police officer for the Hagerstown Police department, I also owned and operated two businesses, Mike Kovac Construction and Tactical Solutions LLC.   

In 2017 my wife and I relocated to Florida, where I began working for Harley Davidson. During this time I have made some amazing friendships that will last forever.

Family is vital to me.   I have been married for over 20 years to my loving and supportive wife Heather, “crazy girl” Kovac. We have one daughter Kayla “Bug” Kovac, who I am proud to say is in the United States Marine Corps at this time after joining at the age of 17 and now in her third year of her first of 8 years. Since the beginning of our Life-Time membership, both crazy girl and bug have been actively involved with the Defenders. Both of them have been great supporters for me as I continue to travel and enjoy my passion for riding motorcycles.